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Here's my Super Mario Maker 2 Maker ID!


I've been uploading some levels. Whether they're good or not is all up to you!
My name on Super Mario Maker 2 is Sladew.

Super Mario Maker 2 is a property registered to Nintendo. All rights reserved to Nintendo.

I'm on Instagram - @wahtkinz


For anyone wondering, we've closed Mayors Discord! Thank you for supporting us. We're, by no means, done. Stay tuned!

A+Start Discord

The ultimate server created by fans of A+Start! Come talk to the community today!


Infinity Family

Infinitely awesome. Our Discord server is small... but mighty!

Infinity Games launching soon!

Join Infinity
[Join Infinity Games] (Coming soon)

Slade Watkins

A new Discord dedicated directly to my projects!


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